Are you an Expert that wants to boost your revenue?

Are you an Expert that wants to boost your revenue?

Here at the SMART Blueprint we focus on giving small businesses the systems, standard operating procedures and strategies they need to grow their company.

Sometimes a client's cause hits us on a personal level that we're inspired to go a step further and do all we can to support them.

Mark Davis is one of those people. Please read the text below and consider helping Abundance International with their Mission.

Helping Orphans in Times Of Civil Unrest

In turbulent times the first things to collapse are support for the needy. While adults can sometimes take some kind of action to help themselves, the children rarely have that same level of attention.
Especially children that don’t have families to turn to for support.
For the last 15 years, Abundance International has provided support for orphanages in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a situation where infrastructure is possibly on the verge of collapse.
If you have the bandwidth and the desire to help these children in any way, we would love your support.
Even if it is something as small as sharing this page…
With or without the aid of others, we are dedicated in our mission to help orphans as we always have been but as they always say, if you want to fast, go alone, if you want to move far, go together.
We’re asking that you consider joining us in our mission.
The money will go directly to supporting orphans and the infrastructure that cares for them.
We are the somebody that thinks of the children.