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How to Boost Your Revenue in 30 Days Without Paying for Ads or Your Money Back

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately half of all businesses in America collapse within 5 years of being started.

Let this sink in…

As a business owner, you have a 50/50 chance of your company collapsing within the next few years…

… and if you’re already feeling like you’re trying to keep your head above water each month

…If you wonder where the next sale is going to come from…

… you’re in danger of being on the wrong side of that 50% chance.

And after working with 1,900+ business owners over the last few years, one thing is clear.

Most business owners have NO IDEA what the common mistakes are that cause a business to struggle and eventually collapse.

All 5 of the common problems are easily preventable…

… but only if you know what they are, and how to stop them.

It’s even worse for “Accidental Business Owners”

These are people who are usually experts in something, who have found a way to make money from their unique knowledge or skillset.

But they have never had any formal training in running a business.

The truth is simple.

If you don’t know the common mistakes that cause a business to collapse…

… how will you prevent your business from being the 1 (of 2!) that closes it’s doors forever.

Let’s start by showing you the 5 common reasons that cause a company to collapse:

The 5 Common Reasons Businesses Fail

Each of these problems can be fixed with a few simple systems any business owner can implement.

If you know what to do.

I’ve spent the last 17 years developing and building a robust and simple system to prevent each of these issues.

The best part about it is that when you prevent these mistakes from happening, you’re also removing bottle necks that stop your revenue flowing.

So, you effectively kill two birds with one stone.

You protect your company from collapse, while also increasing your revenue.

Not bad for just 5 simple tweaks eh?

Since 2020, I’ve shared this system with 1,900+ business owners helping them boost their revenue by fixing their bottlenecks using the S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint and I’ve become recognized as one of the experts people go to when they want to boost the revenue in their company.

My name is Adam Lyons and I wasn’t always an expert at helping business owners boost their revenue without trading time for money or wondering where the next sale will come from.

Back in 2008, I was a frustrated expert in the dating niche who never believed I could make it as a business owner.

But the money I made as an expert consulting people on their dating lives was more than I would ever get as an employee, so I kept plugging away at it, trying to make ends meet each month.

Truth be told I was frustrated.

Other so-called dating “experts” were making more money than I was, and they CLEARLY had an inferior product and program than I did.

They left a trail of upset clients who they had failed to serve.

Meanwhile, I had an almost perfect track record.

I just didn’t know how to make the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS I saw these other wannabes making.

They had one thing I didn’t have.

A marketing system.

I remember thinking to myself:

“If only I had ads that converted…”
“If only I had the marketing experts they had access to…”
“If only I had the capital for paying for promotions they had…”
“If only I had a website that converted like theirs…”

“If only…”

But I kept pushing on, hoping that one day someone would wave a magic wand and fix it all for me.

At one point it became so bad for me that on the day I was voted the “Number 1 Dating Coach in the World” at a world dating summit…

… I had to take out a loan… just to make my mortgage payment.

Thousands of people had just voted to make me number 1 in the world!

Yet I made no sales.

I was a business mess.

Despite this, I always hoped that things could get better.

Then one time I thought my luck had come when I had a company offer to give me an almost unlimited number of leads.

Suddenly, I had EVERYTHING I could ever want.

They sent me clients, all I had to do was share my knowledge and expertise.

Life was PERFECT.

Suddenly, I was making an easy $250K a year in my pocket.

And I thought life was set.

Until they decided to sell their company…

Initially I thought this would be good for me, until I learned the new buyer was going to be shutting down all external referrals.

Just like that I was in danger of losing everything.

I started hunting for people to help me.

And while I did manage to find some amazing mentors to guide me through making ends meet….

I needed something more reliable, more robust.

I didn’t want a few tips and tricks.

I wanted a system.

I started by identifying the common issues I was having.

1. I didn’t have a reliable team
2. My conversions didn’t seem to be as good as other people
3. My competitors had more influence over my clients than I did
4. People complained about my prices
5. I kept needing more sales

Eventually, I realized that these issues were exactly the same as the common 5 problems that lead to a company failing.

1. Wrong Team
2. No Market Need
3. Outcompeted
4. Pricing
5. Ran Out of Cash

The problem was I didn’t exactly know how to fix these issues.

Or to be more accurate… I didn’t WANT to fix them.

I wanted to hire someone else to take care of it for me.

Yet no matter who I hired, the story was the same.

I would spend on a service that promised to deliver:

Ads that generate sales
Sales pages that convert
A Virtual Assistant that will help my workload

Yet it ALWAYS failed.

Then I remembered a powerful lesson from my days as a dating expert.

“If everything you try is failing, maybe it isn’t the system… maybe it’s YOU”

So rather than seeking others to take my problem away from me…

I started developing a system to solve each of the problems one by one.

How I Got the Right Team

I started with trying to fix the problem of having the wrong team… 

… even though I was the only staff member!

I started with getting serious about my own time, putting specific time aside for each of the following 6 BIG tasks.

– Strategy
– Marketing
– Sales
– Systems and Processes
– Website and Technology
– Accounting

This meant that I was no longer falling behind on tasks I was putting off.

Remarkably, I had more than enough time in a 25-hour week to do ALL of these tasks and still had 15 hours left out of 40 to work with my clients.

But if I wanted to grow, I KNEW I needed to start outsourcing some of this work.

So I started analyzing which of the tasks ate the most time and could be outsourced to someone for a reasonable wage of $15-$20 an hour.

As the months went by, I outsourced more and more until I had staff capable of doing all the tasks I didn’t want to do.

This gave me more mental bandwidth to move on to the next task.

How I Changed My Product to Something the Market Wanted

I assumed that the more I demonstrated how good I was at dating, the more people would be impressed with me, which would lead to more sales.

But, no matter how often I shared my amazing results in dating… the sales didn’t come.

Worse, it seemed like the more impressive I was, the fewer sales I made.

This is when I realized that TRUE experts are intimidating to clients.

The better I was at something, the more people believed It would be impossible for them to get the results I could get.

I realized that if I was going to make sales, I’d have to identify not only what my potential clients wanted… but how they wanted it sold to them.

I developed a sequence of questions I could ask potential customers that would tell me EXACTLY what they wanted to be sold, and how to sell it.

They even told me how much I should charge them… Spoiler: It was DOUBLE what I had been charging in the past.

I discovered I had been reducing my prices to make a sale, and that was causing people to believe my product wasn’t as good as others.

Especially as the results I promised were far more unbelievable (even though it was TRUE!) compared to the competition.

This change in marketing my product boosted my revenue over 10X what it had been, and suddenly I had the finances to REALLY grow.

How I Beat the Competition

Once my marketing was in place, I realized that next I needed more leads and more sales.

But how was I going to get anyone to listen to me, when my competitors had much bigger audiences?!

I had been outcompeted, and now I was struggling to get my voice heard above the noise.

This is where I realized I needed a secret platform, a place where I could talk without competing with all the YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok “Influencers”

So I built a private community and invited my clients to join.

Inside this community, I was the only expert who could be heard, and I shared the BEST most effective advice that worked!

I didn’t need to “Hack” an algorithm as my clients could only listen to me…

… and because my systems worked for them… they kept listening.

Better yet, they invited friends to join in and before long, I had an audience of 350,000 people who all wanted to hear what I had to say, without any competition.

I could be outcompeted on social media… but inside my community, my voice was king!

This is where I focused my attention and effort.

Better yet, none of my competitors could steal my concepts, ideas or strategies.

This lead to even more sales and growth pushing me to a high 6 figures in revenue a year.

But I still had 2 MAJOR issues to resolve if I wanted to break the 7-figure mark.

How I Boosted My Revenue by Finding the Right Pricing

Now conversations were happening constantly, but not all of them turned into sales.

This was painful in two ways.

1. It cost me time, giving consultations to people who weren’t ready to give me money.
2. It cost me money as I was spending money on my staff to get the conversation set up.

Naturally, I needed a way to gain money from as many conversations as possible.

So I developed a method to qualify each call.

Before I got on a call with someone, I had my staff score them and identified what price point they would be comfortable spending.

This way I could prioritize my calls and focus my time on the people most likely to purchase my best programs.

And even the ones that couldn’t afford those now ended up being sold a more affordable program that best fit their needs.

The result was more sales, a boost in revenue, and fewer calls that ended up leading to zero revenue.

Now all I needed was a system to attract more leads and luckily the answer was staring me right in the face.

How I Found More Leads Without Wasting Money on Marketing Agencies that Just Don’t Perform

I realized that my SUPER POWER of being an EXPERT surrounded by fakers…

… was that I can ACTUALLY get results for people.

And when you’re good at what you do, the fastest and cheapest way to get more leads is to focus on collecting testimonials from your clients.

The problem is, asking for testimonials is difficult, and not everyone wants to give them.

So I found a simple way to embed testimonial giving as part of the training.

By getting my clients to keep a journal of their results, everyday I had a chance of them recording a KILLER testimonial.

My staff would monitor the journals to identify the best testimonials and results, and then they turned those into content we could use to attract more clients.

NOTHING converts better than a killer testimonial, and it’s the one thing that only a TRUE expert can do, that the fakers just can’t make happen.

Even better, you can get the client who filmed the testimonial to share the video with their followers… which creates endless leads!

The S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint

These 5 simple systems I had now developed covered and protected me against the 5 major issues that could have killed my company. 

I had a solution and systems for:

Time management, productivity and staff hiring – Staff

Market research and product development – Marketing

Audience growth and beating the competition – Audience

Boosting revenue, qualifying leads and sales scripts – Revenue

Gaining more leads and proving I was the best – Testimonials

I called this the S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint and I rely on it to this day.

It didn’t take long before my clients and friends noticed a MASSIVE shift in my lifestyle.

I was starting to treat myself to the things I’d always wanted.

Like my dream home on a ranch just outside of Austin.

It was working for me, but would it work for others?

I reached out to a few friends and tested it on them… but it had mixed results.

Sure, some of them got a MASSIVE boost in revenue, but some just saw no results at all.

I realized that if I really wanted to understand why it worked… I needed to refine it…

I spent the next 2 years testing different versions of the systems I had created, spending time with some of the smartest people in the world of business.

Getting their thoughts and opinions.

Adam Lyons and Russ Ruffino
Adam Lyons and Chris Voss
Adam Lyons and JP Sears
Adam Lyons and Roland Frazier
Adam Lyons and Marcus Lemonis
Adam Lyons with Ryan Stewman and Bill Walsh

I modified the techniques I had created according to the things I learned from these business experts.

It wasn’t long before I could get others the kind of results I was seeing for myself consistently!

It was clear I had a system that I felt confident would work for almost anyone.

It works because it tackles the 5 issues that are at the heart of any business which gets people who are experts at their craft a boost in revenue in their business more consistently than anything else I’ve ever seen, without the need for paid ads.

I Had People Saying Things Like This

When You Use the S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint You'll Get

The best way to structure your company for growth

With our “Time Blocking” system you will easily get more done in less time because you’re taking the time to plan out tasks and outsourcing the parts that shouldn’t be done by you.

Products that customers ACTUALLY crave

Our clients enjoy an easier time getting consistent sales because of simple market research that is done BEFORE any costs are taken to develop a product thanks to our survey based product development system.

Staff that don’t break the bank

Having staff that MAKE you more profits instead of just costing you their salary is almost guaranteed thanks to our “hiring priority” system as you will only be bringing people on as they’re truly needed to expand an area that is ripe for growth.

An organic audience that grow

Thanks to the way social media naturally favors more interactive audiences our clients receive more sales from an ever increasing customer base using our audience growth strategies.

Sales methods and scripts that you can rely on

Our simple sales scripts makes it easy to get sales from your potential customers due to our casual permission-based selling via casual conversation.

Advertising systems that are proven to work

Social proof videos and scripts get our clients plenty of referrals that are easy to close with our advertising creation systems.

Finally! A Better Way to Get More Revenue in Your Business Without Trading Time for Money

Here’s Everything You Get With the S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint

Use Our Winning Systems and Processes

Our easy-to-use templates for every process from websites to sales scripts almost always give our clients the leads and sales boost they want soon after joining The SMART Blueprint. We find that this rapid success boosts the confidence levels of our clients inside the program and in the rest of their life. This is has you feeling successful and more motivated than ever!

Lifetime Access to Our Support Community

Spending time with people trying to achieve a common goal who are only slightly ahead of you in the journey will help you get the business success you’re looking for and give you a community of people you can reach out to when you need help with something specific.

The Full S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint Training Program

With trainings on every subject from finding out which business to start, through to finding leads, hiring staff, building out content, developing social media strategies and so much more you’re going to find getting a profitable business off the ground isn’t just possible, it is easy. Our focus is the success of our clients and that means your results. This is how we insure our SMART Blueprint continues to be one of the best programs of its kind in our industry.

S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint Value: $2,997

I want to make this a no-brainer for you, so if you’re ready to get started today I’ll also give you the following amazing bonuses worth $2,991

Exclusive Training with Rudy Mawer

Rudy shares techniques he used to build two multimillion-dollar businesses in two years by age 27. His fully done-for-you marketing agency specializing in eCommerce brands and helping experts who are celebrities in their space: Olympic gold medalists, celebrities, movie stars, entrepreneurs, and influencers.


Exclusive Training with Rachel Miller

What if you could generate organic traffic without spending a fortune on ads? That’s exactly what Rachel Miller teaches. Connection, or that chemistry between people, between a person and a site, is not something you either have or don’t have. It’s a science that can be taught and duplicated.


Exclusive Training With Josue Pena

Discover how he built a 80,000 subscriber email list and turned it into a $3,000,000 online business using Instagram. Josue Pena is an expert in Instagram. As an example, he made just one client client, John, $21k cash in just 4 days with only 400 followers!


  • Exclusive Training With Rudy Mawer
    Exclusive Training With Rudy Mawer $997

    Rudy shares techniques he used to build two multimillion-dollar businesses in two years by age 27. You'll get his fully done-for-you marketing agency specializing in eCommerce brands and helping experts who are celebrities in their space, Olympic gold medalists, celebrities, movie stars, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

  • Exclusive Training With Rachel Miller
    Exclusive Training With Rachel Miller $997

    What if You Could GENERATE organic traffic without spending a fortune on ads? That’s exactly what Rachel Miller teaches. Connection, or that chemistry between people, between a person and a site, is not something you either have or don’t have. It’s a science that can be taught and duplicated.

  • Exclusive Training With Josue Pena
    Exclusive Training With Josue Pena $997

    Discover how he built an 80,000 subscriber email list and turned it into a $3,000,000 online business using Instagram. Josue Pena is an expert in Instagram. As an example, he made a client, John, $21k cash in just 4 days with only 400 followers!

Total Value with Bonuses: $5,988

Plus it Comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Making a decision to level up can be stressful. After all, change is always somewhat scary…

…so let me make it easy for you, I want to give you something that is even better than a guarantee.

I’m going to do my best to reverse ALL risk.

If you take the effort to grab this program I’ll give you my “Risk Reverse” guarantee.

If you feel the program didn’t live up to your expectations… I’ll give you your money back, and you can keep the program.

It feels like this is the best way to help you feel comfortable taking the leap to let me help you.

As far as I can see, this takes the risk off you and puts the risk on me, as I have to trust that you’re going to be honest with me.

Having said this… I KNOW my program is amazing and has helped countless people before.

So I’m sure it’ll work for you too and I’m trusting that you’re honest enough that if it works, you’ll be so happy with the results you will be glad you grabbed your copy!

This guarantee is good for 30 days! So you have plenty of time to put the program into use and see the amazing results for yourself.

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About Adam Lyons

I help experts overcome the lack of sales in their company to get the revenue they need to grow their business.

  • War Room “Wicked Smaht” Overall Winner 2021
  • 2x Click Funnels “2 Comma Club” Winner
  • Generated over 8 figures of revenue in my own company while still having time to play games, travel the world and spend LOTS of time with my family

From Main Street to E-commerce, Adam Lyons has saved and scaled over 1,900+ small businesses since launching The S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint in 2020. How? Well, his magic ingredient isn’t actually magic at all, The Smart Blueprint is a 5-step surefire process for business owners — many of whom came to Lyons during the rough times of 2020, (like the Dungeons and Dragons Hobby Shop in Bastrop, Texas, which grew by 36,000% in the middle of the pandemic)!


Beyond his own portfolio of growing companies, Lyons is an advisor for over 500 brands across the U.S. and Canada. Lyons has been featured on The Today Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Forbes, Bloomberg Business and the NY Post. He has been awarded 2 different ‘Wicked Smaht’ Awards due to his innovative business strategies and multiple 2 comma club awards. Companies he has worked with include PepsiCo, Nike, Nescafé, Discovery Digital Networks and many smaller brands.


Lyons created and developed his outside-the-box business system out of poverty and frustration. As an English immigrant, he started as a janitor– quickly becoming an accidental serial entrepreneur. Sixteen years later, the business maven and father of five lives with his family outside of Austin, Texas.

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A Brief Word from Adam Lyons

Look, We both know that if you’ve read this far down the page you’re looking for help in your business.

If you don’t do SOMETHING about it, you’re still going to be struggling to find consistent sales and revenue in your business.

Not to mention still feeling frustrated by worrying where the next sale will come from.

There are two versions of you ahead, who both lead different lives depending on the choices you make.

One version of you clicks off this page, chooses to stay the same and continues to suffer from the same problems you’ve been having up until now…

The other, takes a few simple steps towards getting the life that you want and the life that you deserve, and if it doesn’t work… you can have your money back, and even keep the trainings inside the program.

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